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[EVENT] Summer Time! 07-07-16

To all contestants of the Genius League!

Collect Cool Summer Catalyst and craft various Skill Cards!

1. Craft Catalysts with Skill Cards and provide Hologram Effects

2. Craft Cool Summer Dream Pack with Cool Summer! Catalyst x5!

- Get 1 random ★5 Push / ★5 Curse / ★6 Mysterious Commission / ★6 Mirror Mirror / ★6 Dice of Blessing / ★5 Time for Revenge / ★4 Pursuit

3. You can get Cool Summer! Catalyst by purchasing Gems

- 500 Gems : Cool Summer! Catalyst x1

- 1000 Gems : Cool Summer! Catalyst x2


Skill Card

Hologram Effect

Cool Summer! Catalysts needed


Toll fee Discount+50



Toll fee Increase+50

Dice of Blessing(6)

Dice Control+40%

Time for Revenge

Toll Fee+30%

Steal Property

Dice Control+40%


Mirror Mirror

Dice Control+60%


Toll Fee+50%

Mysterious Commission

Received Toll Fee+30%

*Hologram Effects last until maintenance on 7/27


Event Period:

After Maintenance on 7/6 ~ Before Maintenance on 7/13 PDT/UTC/GMT

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